• Image of Limited Ed Bubble and Ruby Earrings

I introduced a small batch of ruby earrings last holiday season and quickly ran out. I have been able to find some more rubies, but not many! I have a very limited quantities of these beautiful rubies available. So if these speak to you, please do not hesitate to purchase them! This style is a little longer and makes more of a statement than the Circle and Ruby Earrings. The open circle shapes of this style create length, but these are still extremely light weight because the circles are not solid. The circles also interlock creating a more three dimensional effect and look interesting from every angle. These earrings are great for the holiday season but can be easily be worn year round.

14 karat gold-filled metal, rubies, and freshwater pearls.
About 2.35" long.
These earrings go with any gold jewelry, but I think it looks best with the Triple Ring Pendant on Long Chain.